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Well, the stories kept coming in so I made a SEQUAL! These stories (real and not) are about petz and well.. pets. If you have one, send it in! They do not have to be sad, and they don't have to be about petz. But they just can't be like "oh Fido took the perfume and went to the garden, and oh. my. godsh. HE BURRIED IT!" no, I don't think so. A nice paragraph or poem will do nicely. But they HAVE to be on petz or animals. Not just "the girraffe licked my mom!" Oh goody, but again...NO. If you please, you can put in ONE picture, but I can't guarantee they will be posted. So send them in and I will be happy to post them! Thanks and read on. Oh yes, and I am, in no way, connected to the Chicken Soup company.

"Raichu & Persian"
"A True Story About A Puppy Called Atilla"
"Working Wonderz"
"The First Cat I Had"
"Lost Family"
"Little Lonely Puppy"
"Petz 3 Problems"
"On The Brink"
"Millions, Dead or Alive"
"Oh Muffin"
"The Story Of Revello: How He Came To Be"
"My Dear Chocolate"
"Raccoon Trouble"
"Why Did You Abuse Me?"
"Generations Lost"
"My JitterBug"
"Soul Mates"
"My Friend"


I adopted a petz called Pikasuu,a pikachu breed( i love pokemon,especially Pikachu!!!!) and a Tribbles called Tribblits.Well, they had a baby called Riachu, named after Pikachu's evolution, Raichu.He was so cuuute!!! When Riachu grew up, I got a mate for him,named Persian,after another Pokemon.My cousins were over, and we were going to the beach.I almost missed it! My cousin and I were playing with the petz before leaving and we brought out Riachu and Persian.They walked up to each other and looked each other in the face.Riachu arched his back and "said", Look what I can do! Persian did the same and "said",I can do it,too! Then, Persian stood on his hind legs and jumped.Then, Riachu tried it and fell. (Riachu doesn't have legs. His mom is a Tribbles.)He got up and "said", I could do that if I had legs.Then he curled up in a ball.(He does it better now.) So did Persian. They did that so long that Riachu fell asleep. I think Persian was waiting for that. He got up and started running and jumping around Riachu, sticking his tongue out.It was so funny! Riachu woke up and was probably embarassed. Then we went to the beach, so we put them in and closed Petz 3. Right now, Riachu and Persian are probably still competing and showing off to each other and having fun.
~Aarthi, Pokemon And Petz Superfan!

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When I was 6, I got a cute little Mini Fox Terrier called Attila. Oh how I loved him! Whenever I came home from school, he was always there at the gate, waiting for me. He Always Grabbed my hand with his mouth and lead me to the door. Then that horrible day came. Atilla was taken to the Vet. He had to stay at the Vets for 1 whole night! I hated that night. I was lonely. Atilla wasn't there sitting on my lap as i watched T.V. He wasn't Snuggled up next to me when I was in bed.
The next morning, Mum asked me "when do you want to go pick up Atilla from the vet?" I bet you can guess my response. "Please oh please please please please PUHLEAZE can we pick him up now?" So my mum took me to the vet to pick up Atilla. When we got there, the vet told me that Atilla had some skin problems. I didn't worry. Because the vet had said that he would survive.
Atilla was a very lucky dog. He had a very happy life, and always managed to survive when other dogs in the same situation would of died. Until one day, i was thinking about taking Atilla for a walk. Then I thought "nah, Atillas had 5 walks today, he doesnt need one more." I was WRONG. I was VERY WRONG. Because after I had thought about taking Atilla for a walk, i went up to the attic to talk to my mum. Then me and my mum heard this man Saying lots of rude words. My mum said she was glad that it wasnt my dad. Well it was my dad, Shouting at this man for runing over Atilla.
You see, if i had taken Atilla out for a walk, He would never of followed my dad across the street. And if he didn't followed my dad accross the street, he wouldnt of been run-over.
I was soooooooooooo sad! Some of my dads friends carried Atilla out into the backyard and buried him. I used to sit next to my dead dogs grave, crying and praying that he would come back alive. It took me 2 weeks to forget about Atilla. Every day for those 2 weeks, I would go to school, then come back home and sit by his grave. I picked a bunch of flowers and put them over his grave.
Sometimes, when i sit down and read a book, or go to bed, I can hear Atilla's barking, and I can feel Atilla sitting on my feet.

Rest In Peace Atilla! We All Loved You! You'll Never Be Forgotten!

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WORKING WONDERZ (from the author or Adopted... And Gone)

I was VERY sad about Kak. But then, a miracle happened. I sent Kak to a person called Carolyn Horn, and she BROUGHT HIM BACK!! Kak mated with Grizabella, and had a wonderful baby called Kakabella! I will never forget the smile on my face when he was back!! Oh, Kak!! I LUV YOU!!!
~Kaelyn, VERY happy!!!!!!! Mail me at!!!

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When i got petz2 i installed it and i adoped a siamese. i played with it,and i fed it. then i got petz3.the first thing i did was inport chang.(the siamese) she mated with onther sisamse.the had a girl sisamses and i named her cheley.later she mated again but would not have the kitten. i kept her anyways.then it happed. the file got deleted!OH NO!!my catz was gone for good. even cheley.
~ L Bishop

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Three petz sat in a sad row. One was a tiny pup- just an infant named Bradley. He wagged his little head, which already showed evidence he would one day be a superb Great Dane. His mother, Cocoa Muffin, licked him. Next to her sat Jacki, her daughter.
Jacki's face was blank and her eyes sad. Flowers rustled in the backyard wind. The supply case opened, and their owner lay a picture down in the soft earth. Proud and tall stood Sir Pepper, looking like a great show dog even as a pup. His pose was so elegant and yet masculine. Tears dripped down Jacki's muzzle as she saw her father's picture.
The family, torn by the death of their father, had once been secure and loving. Jacki was the firstborn. She had grown up with her mother and father. Sometimes, she and her mother visited with Honey Drop (her mother's age) and Black Beauty (her age), their neighbors in the Petz Door. Then, she became very happy when she and Black Beauty were presented with boyfriends.
Odyssey, Black Beauty's mate, was simply grand to look at. Gray and dark gray spotted with a strong, happy look on his face, he had nearly every breed in his bloodlines. Black Beauty (a dud in selective breeding) had been destined to just "live a happy life". Jacki, however, was to be a champion breeder and show dog like her father.
Her mate, Peter, was also referred to as "Simple Perfection." He was strong like her father but not as majestic. He was playful and cute, funny and flirty. He was a purebred Great Dane with bloodlines that stretched back five generations.
Then, due to a sad and strange computer problem, Peter turned into a female when her owner opened Petz 3. Digusted and depressed, Jacki had retreating to her mother's comforting side, weeping. Peter was so confused and depressed that s/he finally ran away despite unconditional love s/he had been recieving.
Jacki had recieved word of her mother's pregnancy two days after her father had been complaining of confusion and pauses in his life. Then, one day, he froze. He would never move or speak again. He sat like a useless toy in the Family Room. His owner quickly put him in the Petz Door and he disappeared from sight. When she brought him back from the Petz Door, he remained still and silent.
No amount of treatment allowed him his movement. He was returned just as little Bradley was born. "Brave Heart" was his show name. The whole family grieved but felt joy.
At the bittersweet memories, Jacki stood frozen. Then, she slowly walked out the Petz Door.

Jacki approached the Petz Door. Her stomach was rounded with pregnancy. Next to her, her mate kissed her. Mark, or "Marvel of Her Eyes", had been elected to be her mate. A true purebred Great Dane, he had also been safeguarded in case of file corruptions, as had her whole family.
She felt the pains of labor and then, out came a dark gray, squirming pup. "Peppy," she whispered. "Junior Pepper, you are adorable."
To the air she whispered, "Dad, isn't he cute?"
~John Taylor

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"Mom!," moaned 8 year old Sandi Conn, "It's been 8 days and we still haven't found Oreo."
" I know dear. It takes time. Believe me we'll find her."
Sandi sighed. " If you say so. Can we go look for her now......Please?"
"O.k but only for an hour."
" Thanks Mom. Now let's go!"
Sandi and her mom got in the car and drove off. They went down alley after alley, street after street, until the hour was up and there was no trace of Oreo. They got back at about 8:45 p.m because they stopped to eat at Denny's.
Sandi had fallen asleep in the car, so she went straight to bed. Her mom stayed up till 10:44 and went to bed.
Meanwhile Oreo had been trying to get home, but every time she thought she was at the right house someone always yelled or hurt her. Oreo thought that someone might take her home.After all she was a cute little cocker spaniel. After going to many houses Oreo finally got tired and fell asleep on someone's doorstep. Unluckily this person hated dogs. When she saw that dog on her doorstep she was furious. She took her small little broom end and stabbed the poor dog right in the back. Oreo immediatly got up, running for life with one big bruise on her back.
Sandi had been so woiried about her beloved dog that she got really sick. She begged and pleaded with her mom to go search for Oreo, but the anwser was always "NO!!!"
Finally one day a kind lady found Oreo. She immediatly picked up the dog and went home. After she took care of the wounds on Oreo she gave her some food and called her owners.
Sandi Just happened to be asleep at that time so her mom decided to surprise her. It worked! Sandi got over with her cold when she saw Oreo, and she could never be so happy!
~Ady-Shea Crosky

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A virus came and left causing many of my beloved petz to leave. Now I can't even go to petz 3, while my petz are running away, it happens at least once a week, at least 25 petz got accdently deleted and now I will never see them again, while people are wanting more and more new playscenes, I just want Petz 2 to work okay. Wihtout losing my beloved petz and hexed clothing, once I had such a beloved wire hair cat I had for a year. Then ran away. I had trouble sleeping then I cried, her name was ginger. But I got her into Petz 3 but now petz won't work.

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"Mum! I don't feel good," I say wearily as I pull the thermometer from my mouth. It reads 102 degrees.
"Ummm... Hilary?"
"Ah, I think Socks is sick."
"What!?!" Socks, my beloved rat, sits limply on my mothers shoulder. "Um, well, I'm sure he'll be okay... He's just tired, or he needs food?" I ask, unsure.
"I hope so," my mother says sadly. She doesn't sound convinced. "Are you okay, Hon? You look a little flushed." She walks over and puts her hand on my forehead.
"I feel pretty bad," I say, my eyes still on Socks "I've got a headache and I feel dizzy when I stand up." I gently lift Socks off my mum's red sweater. He hardly twitches as I set him in my lap.
"Hilary, you might not want to hold him too long. He might catch your cold," My worried mother, Rebecca, says softly.
"I know. I just want to see him."
Socks gives a little weaze.
"I think I'm going to have him sleep with us tonight, Hilary," My mother orders my dad to sleep on my bed, while I sleep on a towel on my parents bed with my mum.
We put a soft, dry washcloth in Socks's little plastic, black bed. My other little rat, Mariel, looks up from her post on the apple tree branch from Maine, confused. I scratch her head and lift the food bowl from the cage. I fill the bowl and put it back, taking a few of Sock's favorite treats, and turn to go upstairs.
When I get to my mother's room, I collapse on the bed, exhausted from walking up fourteen steps. I turn over to my mother, who is reading (as she calls it) a Trashy Woman's Magazine. "Mum? Will you read me Salamandastron?" My mother and I often read books together.
"Sure." She pulls up the covers and looks at Socks, who is snuggled next to her leg. His belly rises and falls. "We'll take him to the vet tomorrow, and I'm going to keep you home from school."
The next moring, both my mother and I are suprised to see that Socks is still alive. Even though none of us said it, we didn't think he was going to make it through the night. We drive to Espanola and visit the vet's office. The vetrinarian tells us that there is not a good chance of Socks living. She gives us an antibiotic to give him, and tells us to keep him warm. She says to feed him mushed up things and water in a little tray. My mother and I take our sick, beloved rat home. I sleep and watch movies, while my mum works, and while Socks sleeps under the covers. This goes on for about three days.
The fourth night, I thank my dad for the wet washcloth and glass of ice water. After finishing some of the water, I set the glass on the bed stand, behind my mothers bed, where Socks lay sleeping in his black container. I stay awake long enough to watch the little rat lick a little water and weakly clean his wiskers of the pink antibiotic. I smile sadly at my little rat whom I rescued from being snake food the past Christmas. I sigh as the dizziness begins to take over my sight. I roll over and fall asleep.
That night I sleep lightly, have the same dream as I have for the last three nights about my friend, Emily, winning the same horse show. Something beside me crashes onto the bed, and I shoot straight up. I wasn't expecting that!! I feel cold water from the ice water my dad had brought me before I went to bed. "What was that?" I ask. I hear my mum laughing gently, and look over at her to see her pick up an alert rat from the puddle of water.
"I think Sock's is going to be okay!"
~Hilary from Sunwood & Rosewood Kennels

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A while ago i was diagnosed with clinical depressian at 12 years old for christmas afterwards i recieved dogs3 and catz3 as a gift from my aunt and uncle. my brother installed it for me but i never wanted to play seriously i didn't even read the instruction manual on how to care for them, i adopted and watched. one day i had two catz out Lobby and Baxter suddenly a heart popped up and i had no idea what it was. All i did was click ok. three days later when i had Baxter out i click on Lobbs name and a sighn came up sasying that i had to name her kitten. I was shocked. I named the small orange fluff of chinchilla persian tabby mix Tibbs after my cat that died when i was six. Eventually he became an adoreable small kitten i loved him and cared for him i even read the instruction manual on how i was able to take care of him more i went to the pf magic webpage personal ads and found a tabby calico mix named Cassie. the 2 hit it off quickly and were expecting a kitten when i went for my monthly physceatriccare thing my docter said my spirits seemed lifted with out heavy dose of medication tibbs helped me over come a serious illness wear i was suicidly that is why i wrote this because last week my computer crashed and Tibbs Cassie and there kittens Melisa Donivan Jane Briget and Tibbs JR. ahis parents and friend terry the male russian blue alleycat mix were all lost for every in a rage of files from my brothers 1,000,000,000 war and sports games.
~Faithful Soul 6/3/99
In memory of my dear beloved Tibbs a good friend to the end.

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In truth, all my life, my sympathy for humans has always been extremely limited, but my love for animals has taken over my soul, possesing my mind. I hear and understand with all my heart the pain felt by pet owners when the dearly loved petz they so do look forward to seeing when they start up the Petz program are lost, or if real: abused or dead. I can relate to this suffering. My heart bleeds for all those petz, and I cry whenever I read those stories on sites. A wonderful bond is shared between (most) humans and their petz, real or virtual, and the human heart is so fickle a thing, but incredibly strong and faithful.
The story I am to share with you is my own love and grief for my lost petz Wavesong.

From they joyfull day she was born, Wavesong was a faithful companion to me, throughout her life. Nothing pleased me more after even the worst of days at school, then to start up petz 3 and see her happy face, take out her favourite toyz, and completely lose myself in love. If she was real and not virtual, I could not have loved her more. Icould sit there on my computer and completly space out, listening to her melodic purr as I stroked soft fur, feeding her and playing with her. my eyes are bleary as I write this, but my mind is clear as never before.
And now, the horrible, evil part that comes in most of these stories. You see, I do a ton of work on my computer, and the startup was clogged up with miscellaneous programs I really didn't need, all of them elongating my internet connection and slowing down the cosmos, causing crashes that came from outa nowhere. The most painful of these crashes happened last month. It was saturday and more than anything, I was looking forward to seeing Wavesong.
I raced down the stairs in my Pj.s, Happy as any kid you see with a new action figure doll.....that is until I reached the computer room and saw ScanDisk running, my dad sitting in front of the computer. When i asked him what happened, he said that my computer had a fatal crash when he was trying to load something.
It was then when my mind caught fire. Surely all my petz were safe! I had made a million backups and secured them on a superdisk! But then i remembered just the other day, a hazy memory of my dad throwing the SUPERDISK AWAY! Then, even worse, I HAD FORGOTTEN TO TURN PETZ 3 OFF LAST NIGHT!
When Scandisk finished, I waited impatiently for my computer to load. As soon as it did, I raced to the startup and ran petz 3, one feral message in my mind: "oh god.....Please let her be safe......please....oh god...". Well, you can guess what happened.
Half of my petz.
All gone.
Including Wavesong.
I was broken. Tears came without end. I threw up. I prayed that she was somewhere I could find her, prayed that all this was a dream, and I could just wake up like the happy-go-lucky characters in Archie or something. it wasn't. The blade of reality cut deeper and worse than any blade I had ever heard of, and I ran to my room to recuperate. I spent the rest of that miserable month in tears. How could this happen to me? I was safe! I knew what i was doing! WHY! WHY!WHY! I blamed myself and everyone who was suspect for my corrupted cat. Everyone was guilty in my eyes. How could they do this to my Wavesong?!
My pain went on until I was browsing around on the web and found this site, I read about the many pet owners who expeirienced such loss. I finally got the courage to submit this story. I hope it will it will be posted.
I went through my computer and deleted all the programs that had absolutely no use in my work.
I feel much better having written all this gibberish about my pain. But just to let you know, whenever I read your stories of your losses, your pain, your suffering, I take heart and know that I am not alone!

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It started on a cold day (computer day) when i made a petz file for my still loved petz from Retuned petz (so i could clean out Retund petz!)*weeping*Now my sis didnt like that so she put the file in recicling and deleted it so i lost almost ALL my loved petz in cluding one of my fav Monopaly:( But once she letf Monopaliys mother had 2nd baby!! She looked Eggsactily like Monopaliy so i named her Monopaliy Jr She is Very sweet as you can see she is a baby. *weeping*I wasent so lucky woth the other ones i still miss them ALOT but i know i can never get them back *weeping* here is a pic of her.

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This is a true story. About 2 years ago, my little sister and I were playing in the back yard. As my sister crawled around, I heard a faint meow. I looked in the yard next to mine and there was the prettiest Calico I had ever seen! My sister was only about 1 then so she didn't come. I was 9. I ran over to her and let the little angel sniff my hand. On her neck was a flea collar which was on VERY tight. I sat down next to her and she laied in my lap. She was abused by her previous owner, so we keep her. After a couple months that we had her, we didn't know she WASN'T spayed, so she got pregnet. On the day that she had her kittens, my mom and I walked down the stairs in the basement, (our basement was finished) and opened the bathroom door were she stayed. As soon as my mom opened that door, she came flying out of the box she was in with 4 little kittens stuck to her tail. What happened was as she was giving birth, thoes 4 kittens imbilacale chords got wrapped around her tail. As my mom was trying to untangle them, I looked in the box to see if there were anymore. Yes! There was! There was one hungry tiny black and white kitten. I picked her up and set her next to the mother cat. (Callie) After that we rushed Callie to the vet and everything was fine. She had 5 of the cutiest kittens ever. I loved one of the Black and white ones the best. (Not the one in the box) My mom's friend named her Stinker cause she looked like a skunk. She had 4 white paws, a little white on her mouth, white on her stomach, and a long white stripe running up her nose. I loved her so much. After we gave away all the kittens, exept we keep two, Stinker and a yellow tabby, Milo. We already had 3 other cats, so my dad wasn't thrilled. Then in Jan-99, we moved from Detroit, MI to Dallas, TX. Callie lives outside, cause she won't use the litterbox. So of course we let Stinker and Milo outside to. I didn't like them outside because of what happened to our silver tabby Max. He was by a car. But my mom did it anyway and now Stinker has disapeared. She's been gone for almost 2 months and I still can't believe she's gone. There are ALOT of coyotes done here so her presence is a mystery. Still I know my baby can survive, and she is out there somewhere. I would like to say to her: "Stinker, you will always be my baby. No matter what happens to you. I love you and I won't give up on find you."
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I was at Petco. My dad was going to buy me and my sister some pets. We couldn't have a dog or cat because we lived in an apartment. We already had birds. Whenever we bought a hamster it ended up running away. We had a whole tank of fish. So we were going to get some rats. I looked around, and there, I saw her. She was black and white, and had beady black eyes. I knew right away that this was the one. We bought that rat, and I named her Jezebel, after Queen Jezebel from the Bible. She was the sweetest little thing. She never bit anyone, but she licked people a lot, especially me. I showed her to all of my friends, and they all loved her. Sometimes I put her in my pocket and took her outside. Sometimes I just sat in my room and cuddled her. No matter what I did, I had fun just being with Jezebel. When Jez was about one year old, we bought another rat, Ahab. He was a male, and when I was at my grandmother's house, my dad called me and said that Jezebel was pregnant. I shouted for joy. Shortly after she gave birth to 12 beautiful babies. My favorite was a gray one, which I called Lucky. Unfortunately, Ahab and all of the babies died. I was so sad, and I'm sure that Jezebel was too. Then one day, she was acting weird. We took Jezebel to the vet, and it turned out that somebody had dropped her, and her brain had been ermanently damaged and that she had been blinded. I was horrified, but soon I had forgotten all about it. When Jezebel was two, she had gotten a tumor on her chest. It was very big. It was so big that it touched the ground. She had it for about a month, and then my dad had it removed. Jezebel lived happily without the horrible tumor for about 3-4 months. Then, another one started to grow on her right hind leg. I thought that she would live through this one. Then, on March 1st, 1999, on that day I will never forget, my dad called me. I was in my room at my mom's house. (My parents are divorced.) "I have bad news," he said. "Jezebel died today." "What?" I said weakly. No! It couldn't be! "No," I said, "she isn't dead. She isn't dead!"
"She is, honey," my dad said sadly. "I'm sorry. I miss her too. We all do. I'm sorry." I was choking, crying, as I realized the that Jezebel was really dead. I hung up the phone. I didn't even say Goodbye to my dad.
"She's dead!" I wailed. "She's dead, and I'll never see her again!" My mom came in. "What happened?" she asked.
"She's dead!" I screamed. "Jezebel is dead."
"Oh, no," she whispered. She sat down on my bed beside me and put her arms around me. "I'm so sorry."
"I thought she would live!" I cried. "I'll never see her again!"
"Yes, you will," my mom said soothingly. "Jezebel is in a better place. She's in Heaven. She's with God."
"But she didn't have to die! Why did God let her die?"
"It was her time, sweetie. She was too old to live anymore, she was in pain... it was her time."
"It didn't have to be!"
"Yes it did. Don't worry, you'll see her again. Her Earthly body may be dead, but her spirit will always live -- in your heart."
I had a shovel, and a box in front of the apartment porch at my dad's house. My friends were there. This was Jezebel's burial. In that box was the body of my best friend. We buried her, and everyone left. Everyone but me. I stayed longer and cried. I talked to God, asking Him why He did this to me. I still cry when I think about her, even though it's July. I loved Jezebel with all of my heart. I have another rat now, Cream, but she isn't filling up the big hole in my life. I love you, Jezebel, and I'll always miss you.
~Chloe Hollingsworth, still mourning for Jezebel

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I know how those cruel people think and what they do when they breed catz to fight and the cat doesn't live up to their expectations. I was one of them. First, my older owner scrolled down, looking to see if any of her pets had run away. Then she took my mother out, who, at the time was pregnant w/ me. First she was mad, how did this happen? Then, she was happy, here was a kitten to test on. She sprayed my mother, but not me. When I became an infant, my mother ingnored me, and wouldn't go near me, because she would be sprayed. But then, I found out how training started. It pains me to think of this stuff, because pets might still be suffering this. I know my mother probably is. First I was alowed to eat, but only for a second, then mother could eat, all she wanted. I felt huger pains, but that was not so bad as the water. She brought out a watering can, and poured water over me continuously. When I became a kitten, I was abused, but I did not become mean, I was to scared for that. Had I been like my mother, I would have been one of those mean cats, but I wasn't. One day, I came outside, even though I always got hurt there. But, I guess no one was on, and who-ever was had left. There was another cat out there, a male. I guess we fell in love and soon, I was expecting. When our owner saw this, he was nuetered, I was abused. I don't know why I stayed, but soon, I had a child. I loved her, but my owner didn't. Abuse was given to me every time I near her, but I would just pick her up and go out the door. My child was abused, as an infant and a child and probably for the rest of her life. My owner tried me in fighting, after losing 5, I was abused for the last time, and then given up for adoption. I was soon adopted, and known as cat, my old name, Loveless, was not what this new owner wanted. I did not trust her, not for one second. To learn to trust? Never, but I did.

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Oh muffin, you old, stinky smelly dog, I love you with all my heart. When you cough, I feel so sad, your lungs are filling up with fluid, that's bad. Please don't pass away soon, I will never stop mourning if you do, I'm just too young to go through with that. Please, muffin. We spray you with flea spray if you itch, we give you baths, we pet you, feed you love you alot. We let you sleep when you're tired. We let you wander in the backyard. We try and lead you ' cause you're blind, you're deaf. With no teeth, you eat semi moist food that's has twice more calories than the other kind, and still you're skinny as a snake. Muffin, I love you.

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I remember the day I first bought Petz 2 two and a half years ago. I had done pretty well in some geography contest in school so my dad took me to Computer City to pick out a reward. I was phyched when I entered the store. Ya see, I absolutely LUV computers (what Petz luver doesn't?) so you can imagine. I was looking through one of the aisles when I say a Dogz 2/Catz 2 display. I love dogs, but I knew basically nothing about cats, so I decided to buy Catz 2 instead. When we left the store it started raining, so my dad and I ran to the car. When we got home I ran upstairs and loaded Petz 2. It was way kewl, and I read through the manual, wondering Catz I should adopt first. I thought the Calicos were pretty cute, not knowing what great Catz they were. As soon as the little Calico kitten came out of the doors, I fell in luv. She was so cute! She came out, cocked her head to one side, and jumped up and down like only Calicos can perfect. So was so sweet! I fed her with the milk bottle and petted her, knowing that she was the perfect Calico, the first Catz ever to grace my computer, and I named her Arial, after the sprite in "The Tempest." After her I also adopted an Orange Wirehair named Robin Hood, a Siamese named Samantha, and a B&W named Pouncer for my sister. I had Sam and Robin for a short while, I returned them both because they were kinda mean and didn't get along well with Arial, Pouncer, or any of the other Catz I adopted. Arial and Pouncer lived a happy life, and they both found luv. Pouncer fell for a black and brown chihuahua named Viva Goridita, and Arial fell for a Russian Blue named Yuri. I had got Dogz 2 for Christmas, BTW. I saved all my Petz on disk, but one day my report card came and it was pretty bad. I was grounded for several months, and when I got off grounding, I went into Petz 2 and found that all my Catz had run away as I suspected. I loaded all my Petz from disk, and they all worked- except for one, my beloved Arial. I cried myself to sleep that night, and cried for a long time the next day. But I still played with my Petz, but never adoped another Calico, Arial was my first and only, or so I thought then. About a year later, I was searching through files when I found Arial's file among an image program. Not a pic, her .pet file! I loaded up Petz 2 after I had cut and pasted her file back into the Adopted Petz folder, and lo, there she was! I petted her tons and cried of joy. So life went on for about a month and then Arial slipped away again- her file corrupted. It was just as bad as the first time. In time I recovered, but it was never the same. By the time Petz 3 came around, I became an Early Adopter and loaded Petz 3 on my compy. In all weirdness, after I preformed a search, they found Arial's file, amung lots of my other Petz, including Yuri. Soon after, Arial and Yuri had a beautiful kitten named Jade, a pure white Russian blue looking cat with bright green eyes. I entered her in shows and she won many, but tragedy struck again and our comp crashed- yes, again. Every Petz I owned was lost, and after we got it fixed and I loaded Petz 3, the program still couldn't find any of my other Petz. I had another sob session, and to this day I haven't found a way to save my Arial... Even as I type this the grief is coming back to me. But this is for you, Arial, be happy in Kitty Heaven...
~StarTheAlleyCat, dedicated to teh beloved Ariel...

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JoJo,My Cute Little Mix Finally Had a Puppy,His Name Was Revello. He Was A Muddy Brown Colour But He Was Adorable!!! He Grew Up And Decided He Liked My Other Mixed Dogz Natalya's Daughter Lavender. They Were So Happy Together. Two Weeks Later, I Went Down My List, REVELLO HAD RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Had A Copy Of Him From Before But He Had Lost His Spunk. He Was No Longer Energetic Little Revello,Now It Seemed Like He Was In Midlife Crisis.Lavender Is Still Counsoling Him Even tho it happened Almost a year ago.
This Story Is Dedicated To The Old Revello, If You're Still Out There , I Miss You!
~Dave Mongeon

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MY DEAR CHOCOLATE (a story on what time speeding will do to your petz)

I used to have a Petz named Chocolate. He was a brown Great Dane. He was such a sweetie! I got him because I needed a mate for my other Petz named Peppermint. Love at first site. They had their first pup Feb. 7, 1999 at 8:17 pm. Peppermint and Chocolate had many pupz after that. More than 20! Then one stormy day, Peppermint ran away. Chocolate was so sad, he ran away also. Then I noticed I had a copy of Peppermint, and Chocolate. But I didn't bother with Chocolate. I didn't think I would miss him. I Could find another mate for Peppermint. So I did. His name was Sniffz. Peppermint and Sniffz had more than 20 pupz, also. But by a month, I started to miss Chocolate. I got the copy, and put it in the "Adopted Petz" folder. He was back. Soon after that, I returned Sniffz. Peppermint didn't care that much, because she saw Chocolate. They soon had more pupz. After about a week, I heard about time-speeding. I didn't know it could make your Petz stuck in pregnicies or anything like that. I didn't even know Petz could run away if you did it. I should have. Anyway, I wanted to try it out. I got Peppermint and Chocolate out, and they bred. I time-sped. But I didn't take Chocolate out when I time-sped. Just Peppermint. When Peppermint had her pup, I was so happy it worked. I clicked "Pick A Pet" on the toybox. I saw a red sign on Chocolate that said: RUNAWAY. I cried. But, then I stoped. I only had one hope, maybe I had a copy! I looked throgh all of my files. Nothing. But yet another hope; I took the run-away Petz file, and put it in the "Adopted Petz" folder. The red sign again. I cried. And couldn't stop. He became to be one of my favorite Petz; yet he had run away. At school the next day, I cried. veryone made fun of me, but I didn't care. I missed Chocolate. I missed the fun times we had together, I missed everything. Peppermint ran away after that; I didn't cry as much, but I still did. And here's a little letter for you, Chocolate. If you ever go jumping around in cyber space, and come to the Chicken Suop For The Petz Luverz' Soul Page, read this letter. Please come back, my dear Chocolate.

Dear Chocolate,
I am sorry if I've ever abused or negected you, for you were so sweet, who would? Why did it have to be you, I had no copy of you! Oh, why couldn't it have been Peppermint, or Buffy? Please come back. I miss your deep, lound, but melow bark, your chocolatey brown fur, so soft, to shiny. I miss your growl, even no you only growled a couple of times. I miss your green-and-blue eyes, bright, they were. I miss you, your family ran away after you left. I am so very sorry, my dear Chocolate. If you ever come to an e-mail that says, jump in. I just wanted to say, my Chocolate, I miss you so.
~Cecelia, your friend forever

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A few nights ago, I came home from dinner, hopped out of the van, and I saw motion across the street out of the corner of my eye. I saw a small, painfully thin raccoon stumbling around. He'd take a few steps, then fall down, then get up and do it again. I knew he must be injured or sick, so I didn't go near him (NEVER approach an ill or hurt wild animal!). I informed my parents. We looked in the phonebook for the number of a wildlife center or hospital, but animal control was the best we could find. So I called, and told the woman that answered their was a sickly raccoon in our neighborhood. She asked, "Does he seem disoriented or confused?", and I told her yes. She pointed out that he must be if he was out in the day, as raccoons are nocturnal. She asked if he was staggering around as though he were drunk, and I said, "Yes". She said that he definitely had distemper, a neurological illness of mammals. She informed me that if he was staggering around, the disease was in its final stages and he would pass away soon. I thanked her and hung up. He was now in my neighbors' yard, and I watched him for a while. The next morning, I woke up and he was dead. I went over into my neighbors' yard and quietly said a prayer. My neighbors watched him uncaringly and unceremoniously discussed their cousin's ingrown hair or something like that. Please remember that life in all forms is precious, and appreciate all creatures, from worms to whales.

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I had a little persin named snowflake. She was the cutest catz i ever had. She mated with another catz. i think it was a maine coon. well she had a very cute baby. then i accadently sprayed her with a spray bottle. i didnt mean to. (i was putting it up and i dropped it cuz my sis hit my arm)well it was very funny what she did. she hit her head on the groung and crulled up inti a little ball. After that my little sis Meghan though it was funny and kept spraying her. the day her baby (i think her babys name was starlight. im not sure....) left her she ran away. im am still mad at meghan to this day!
~Sailor Misty

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It was just a normal day for me. I went on the computer and was on the net for a while. Then Petz was messing up. I had gotten a tip form PFM to end the task of all other programs running in the backround (like AIM, Favw etc.)I did that but then I ended the task for explorer. Things started to really mess up then. I couldn't get anywhere, all the icons and toolbars were gone. I had to manually shut down my computer. I waited a while and then I turned it on. I was eager to make sure everything was okay. But the computer wouldn't start! It just stayed at the start-up screen for windows. No matter how many times I restarted the computer it wouldn't let me on. I was nervous and asked my dad. He tried it but still nothing worked. He said he'd have to formet the D:/ Drive!! That's where ALL my stuff is except petz 2. I went to my bed and sorta cried. And I'm not one of those people who stays up crying because a pet was corrupted. I had many petz on there. I had a lot of my petz saved to disk but not all. There was still snowy tree, Sable, Jesse, Furcadia, others and worst of all Shadow. Shadow was one of my favorite dogz. He was great dane/poodle. I loved him SO much. After the drive was finally formated I was watching many petz and web-pages and graphics that were on there dissapear. After we formated it I got back on and I ran to install Catz and Dogz. After that I checked my disks. No Shadow! I was so sad!! There's a picture of him when he's sorta young. I lost all my other petz' pictures. Only a few of Shadow's were saved because they were posted online. Now I try to breed another Shadow. It's no use. I'll always remember and love Shadow and all the other petz I lost in that horrible Crash/ Formatting.

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My JitterBug

I got Petz 1 as a present, I don't know when. I installed it right away, but I had a problem figuring out which one to get. I saw the yellow Scaredy breed, and I clicked it right away. The poor thing jumped to the top of the window and shivered, mewing softly. I had to get it! It needed me.I played with it for a while, trying to figure out a name. I took out the cat dancer, still thinking. It said on the On-Screen tips- Jitterbug! That's it, I thought. I adopted him. He was so scared, but in about a year (petz 3 came out) He was as happy and loving as a Homebody! Ihad to put him on our new computer, since Mom had taken the old one when she moved out. I saw it... Petz 1 wasn't compatible with Windows 98! JitterBug'd be Deleted if it took too long! That Christmas, My best friend since age 4 gave me Petz 3! I Imported Jitterbug into it (Man, the art is so much better!) and I played and played, so much. A few months later, I hadn't played with him much, I liked the others so much. I wanted to bring him out with his son, to play baseball, and it said runaway. I clicked it, and said "I undestand", but I didn't. I still miss him, so much, My very first Cat!
When I was reading the Chicken Soup on this page, I read other people looking in their copied petz folder for the Runaway Petz, but not finding them. But I had copied him... He might still be there! I looked...He was! I was so happy! My Baby's still here! Even though his wife and kid ran away, I had Jitter. that's all that matters.
~My Best Petz

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About a week ago, I went to the vet's office to get some medicine for my dog. I sat down in the waiting room and I found a full-grown beautiful Doberman Pinshcer looking up at me. Her eyes made me smile, and her coat was dark and shiny. The man that was holding her from a blue leash looked up at my smile and returned it. He was an older man, maybe mid-70's.
"Hi, I'm Russel Ouglburg," he said
"Hi, Mara Carmen" I said
"What's your dog's name?" I asked
"Sheba" he said in a Russian accent.
"A Doberman?" I asked. Russel nodded. "Is she here for a checkup?" I asked, looking at the dog.
"No," he said tears coming to his eyes, "It's a tumor, she's verrry verrry sick," He sniffled. He rolled his R's like Russian people usually do, and continued in broken English, "I really love her and will be sad when she's gone. We went through some great and tough times together. She's going to be, well you know she's going to have the shot," Russel sniffled again, and took a hankerchief out of his pocket and wiped his eyes. He was trying to say that Sheba would be put to sleep. I was speechless. I didn't know what to say except, "I'm sorry". He nodded, holding his tears in, and walked out, not wanting people to see him crying.
With the leash dropped on the floor, Sheba still didn't go anywhere except she took a step closer to me. I stroked her head until the nurse called her in. I brought her there, giving the leash to the lady. Sheba whimpered.
"Sheba," I said, tears rolling from my eyes, "you have to be brave. I know this is hard, but it's for the best. Even upon just meeting you I knew how special you were. You mean alot to your owner. Do this for him. I love you." She followed me with her eyes as she walked down the hall, and I could swear she smiled.
That day and all through the next I sobbed. I just hoped that Russel was okay, and that Sheba was safely in Heaven.
After that I pretty much forgot about Russel and Sheba until one day I was reading the paper and one obitchuary caught my eye. It was Russel Ouglburg's. He had died naturally. A smile spread across my face. Russel was finally reunited with Sheba again. I could imagine the fun they were having.
~Mara Carmen

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This story is about a real dogz I had a year or so ago. She was a terrific dog the best I ever had. Her name was speckle. She was a Great Dane. From the day I first adopted her I knew she was different from other virtual dogz and catz I had adopted in the past. For some reason she didn't seem like a computer picture running and jumping across the screen. Of course she was but she seemed a lot more lovable than that. She seemed like a real dog to me. She was the only dog I had at the time because I was only in the mood to have one special dog in my life. So thetas how me and speckle grew close together. Her and I enjoyed each others company almost everyday. I'd usually started playing the game at around 7 when it was kinda late to do any thing else. I'd stay up until my bed time or on weekends id stay up to all hours of the night playing with my Speckles. She'd love doing high energy activities like playing with the Frisbee's and the balls and stuff. Then I finally had a wonderful day when I bought petz 3 (all this time I had been using petz2.) I imported Speckles from petz2 and she loved exploring the new play scenes and listening to the new music box tunes. One day I decided speckles needed a mate. I downloaded another adult dog from the Internet. Speckles got really jealous and didn't like me petting him. She would always show off when we were playing Frisbee (She would often look very clumsy.) I blessed her little virtual heart.
As the days went by and she got older and older I noticed a lot of things about her. She would always come out the red door by herself and I would almost never have to call her out to play and when the door was locked she would always come around and sit there asking to come on in. She also enjoyed me when she would jump up on top of the fireplace and the chairs like a cat and not Evan acted like she was worried of getting in trouble! She only liked to eat out of the silver bowl and never liked to have clothes put on her. She loved getting her photos taken and she hated the cheese. Evan though she sometimes ennoyed me when she jumped onto the furniture I knew I would be miserable for me to go on the computer if she ever ran away.
Well, when I used to have Speckles mate I would spend a lot of time with him by himself to get use to him like I did with speckles. I use to spend many hours with him to find out what he liked and things. I would usually ignore speckles whenever she would come to the red door when I was spending time with the male dog. Well, whenever I took speckles out she looked sad at the time I didn't know that it mente she was beginning to feel neglected. I thought it was because she missed the male. I was very surprised when I thought this because she seemed like she hated him. So I took them out together and I left them alone when I came back speckles had left the room and went out the red door when I thought they would fall in love. When I took her out she seemed Evan more miserable than before so I took out the male and they got in a lot of arguments. My only thoughts at the time were about my wonderful Speckles.
So I decided to find a different home for him online. I returned the male, got out of pets, and then signed online. I gave him immediately to my friend online. I went back to petz after I had adopted another dog from the Internet for speckles. When I got on I thought speckles would come to the door immediately like she always did. But she didn't. I waited and waited. She hadn't come and I wondered why. So I tried to bring her out. But suddenly her lovely picture came on the screen and the words runaway were written across her picture. I didn't know what to think at first. Then after I realized she was gone I was miserable. I just sat there staring at the screen. Then I got off the computer I felt like crying. I hadn't gone on the computer for days. I was really upset. I just wish I could see her clumsily jumping around again catching the Frisbee. I wished I could feed her again from the silver food bowl. I keep on thinking if she would come back I'd delete the cheese and everything. I would take millions of pictures of her. But I knew I probably never would.
Speckles was the best virtual dog I ever had. The only dog I ever really had (in real life.) was a real mean one. Speckles had been like a real dog to me. I wished I would of let her in threw the red door when she had asked too. Maybe she would still be here today. But she isn't and I have gotten used to it. I knew that in her little microchip heart that she really had cared about me. I neglected her and I'm sorry I did.
I now have another dog named speckles2 it's a great Dane that looks just like speckles. But she's not the same. I love her and make sure she's never ever neglected. I'll als remember us explrong petz 3 together.
Speckles was always my best dogz. She was My Friend.


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Once upon a time an alley cat fell in love with a Orange shortie. Finally a baby came named frank came along. Frank was soon an infant, and all the cat's except his Mom hissed at the baby. The mom was always a sweet alley cat, until his occured she was a beep. and until this day the mom always is a protector to anyone.

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