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These are questions we have gotten in the mail, and here are the answers! If a question you have lays unanswered on any of the site, just email one of us for an answer. Remember: "There's no such thing as a dumb question."

Q: Can some of your petz come in my show?
A: Sure! Just give us the info and they'll be HAPPY to join!

Q: How do you Hex breedz?
A: I'm sorry but it is a long and grueling process (lol) but seriously it's hard to explain. However, visit Anso's Homepage and learn how to hex there!

Q: How do you edit clothes?
A: Again I'm sorry, but it's complicated and semi-harder then learning how to hex breedz (though in my opinion and experiance, it's not as long work depending on the type of clothing you're trying to achieve) But I simply cannot explain it so that everyone can completely comprehend it. Sorry!

Q: Will you please post my banner? Or at least a link to my page?
A: Nope, we only post banners to links that are our favorites. However if you try to win our award, we look at your syte and MAYBE it'll end up on our links!

Q: When am I going to get my babyz/petz awardz or petz/babyz adoptions that I deserved/won?
A: When we have time. Also, if you asked to adopt a babyz/petz then it might have been already adopted. Usually Janei will email you bakc if the babyz/petz is already adopted but Nora may not (she's a lazy bum :P hehe jk..)
As for the awardz, we always post the awardz. It depends on the amount of entries we get, updates we have to catch up on, and our schedules for the dates. We'd like to be able to post the show winners every two Sundays after the show ends but stuff happens.

Q: Can I give you/your babyz/petz an award?
A: Of course you can! Go right ahead!

Q: Can I have any of your babyz/petz?
A: Nope, none are for adoption unless otherwise noted. Sorry!

Q: I want one of your babyz/petz to be a model/spokesbabyz-petz on my site, can you send me their file?
A: Nope, but if you REALLY want one of our babyz/petz on your syte than just email the owner (Nora or Janei) with what kind of picture you want and we'll get back to you ASAP! We'll also send you any information you need.

Q: Will you take my babyz/petz? I can't take care of he/she/them.
A: Sorry! We have a lot of petz ourselves, not to mention our little bundles of joy! BUT you can send them in under any of our adoption agencies (this includes Petz Families, Litterz, Adoptions- babyz and petz, but NOT Famous Felines and Kool Kanines and Broadway Babyz)

Q: Can I/we interview you or one of your other babyz/petz?
A: Sure, just email whoever you want to email (if a babyz/petz, then the correct parent/owner) which the questions you'd like to ask and we'll get back to ya as soon as possible!

Q: I have been sending you like millions of emails!! Why won't you guys answer me????
A: Ok, it's either: (A) you asked a question that can be answered on our site, (B) you didn't have the correct subject, like we said, if it's the wrong subject we'll delete it! Or, (C)we're just plain busy! Nora usually cannot get online during school days and we both have very busy full lives!

I hope this helped you out!! If you have any other questions, make sure you explore everything on our site before you email us!