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Levi singing.. "WHO AM I?"!
Directions: As soon as the page is there, click on the little box with Levi's pic in it. Then, while the song is loading, when the song gets to %50, RELOAD the the page (by clicking the reload button on your browser) and while the song plays, Levi SHOULD be ready to play, so while you listen to the song, he should move. Then Enjoy the show! The lyrics are under the song link. Oh! And there's a little picture at the bottum of you want otehrs to see the show and to remind you where you can go to find shows! Enjoy!
Starring Levi! (this will take a while to load, sorry)

"Who Am I?" lyrics
Who am I?
Can I condemn this man to slavery
Pretend I do not see his agony
This innocent who bears my face
Who goes to judgement in my place
Who am I?
Can I conceal myself for evermore?
Pretend I'm not the man I was before?
And must my name until I die
Be no more than an alibi?
Must I lie?
How can I ever face my fellow man?
How can I ever face myself again?
My soul belongs to God, I know
I made that bargain long ago
He gave me hope, when hope was gone
He gave me strength to journey on

Who am I?
Who am I?
I am Jean Valjean!

And so Javert, you see it's true,
That man bears no more guilt than you!
Who am I?