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Join the Petz Show!!

Hey!! Welcome to the Petz Show! There's only ONE origonal rule: You may only put in two entries per program (ex. 2 dogz and/or two catz, ect. ect.) If there are any other rules, they WILL be mentioned, so make sure you read everything!

Woooo! All done! There is NO show going on right now! We WILL host a show AFTER we (meaning me and one of my best friends Janei... the person I'm combining with) are DONE combining. So don't worry! In the meantime... here are the awardz! Unfortunately... I lost your emails so I canNOT hand out prizes. ALTHOUGH that doesn't mean they're deleted... so when I find them, I'll email them : ) All in good time... so anyway, here's the awardz!

Congrats to the Baby Picz winnerz, please collect your prize!

people might enter their little Beauties!