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This page is to inform you that We NEED animals. I know that some of you are saying "well, DUH!, we need to eat!" Well, that's NOT what I mean (sure non-vegatarians do need meat)but who is ALSWAYS there when you need them the most? Your Pets(Z). You adopt a Pet(z), they hope for a nice pillow, luv and something to eat. You know what some people do?? They squirt them and take away all their hopes and dreams. I had heard of this place - the Pit (which HAS closed, yipee!). I had decided to see if I could rescue some Petz. When I was there, I started to cry(literally) I know a lot of you are like "oh, what a cry baby!" Well, what would you do if you came home and you found your Pet hung, mangled to death, burned to death, or WORSE. Or if you turned on Petz and your Petz ran away or was so abused, you pet them and they would cling to the ciling. Wouldn't you at least show SOME pity? It is sad and MEAN. They DON'T deserve that. If you are STILL not against Petz Abuse, then look at the pictures below. Petz are also induviduals, they should NOT be cloned! All animals should be treated respectfully. ALL animals. Please don't send me hate mail. Thank you.

And remember, real animals are killed everyday because of profit, greed, and power. If you'd like to help stop animal abuse, please visit these sites:
How Horrible!

These are horrible puppy mills...