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**~ Welcome to Silver Moon Kennelz! ~**

If you don't see frames, or break out of someone's frames, click!

>^..^< Download the new stuff at PFM, but in the mean time, download the Roach Motal by clicking on the picture! #*..*#

Welcome to §ilver Moon Kennelz!
music playing: Starry Night from Rei's Day In the Spotlight

Welcome to Silver Moon Kennelz! I'm JB, your host and SMK's mascot! If you're a first-joiner, then just pick an intresting place and go to it! If not, you know what to do. Anyway, there are many things to do and see! So get comfortable and click away! Oh yea, don't forget to have fun!

I'm JB!

I AM BACK! And I am converting with Janei's Petz Cabaret so a lot of the pages are updated. But not all of them, please do NOT email me anything except maybe commants and/or complaints. THAT IS ALL! Thanks!

Last Updated
August 30th, 1999

  • Eclipse
  • Petz Clothes: although the pictures aren't being very nice *mutters* the d/ls are working great! And I added stuff!
  • Petz Breedz: Two new dogs breedz... the Schipperke and the Bernese Mt. Dog!
  • Many other things are updated! Please, look around!
  • Five New Breedz
    Five more breedz released!

    I want to thank Lindsay sooo MUCH for this! THANKS!

    Hi! I'm Artemis- the cat counter, thanks for coming and bookmark this site!  Me-WOW!

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